How to Choose the Best Clinic for Your Medical Needs

In Queensland, there’s no shortage of medical clinics that offer a range of services from family medicine Ipswich has to women’s health Strathpine provides. But choosing a clinic that not only provides your needs but also ensures your safety is challenging if not downright daunting.

family medicine ipswich

Or is it?

If you’ve tried searching for a clinic online or through yellow pages, you know the process could take effort and time. And if you rely on recommendations, you’re likely to discover that what a friend or family member finds comfortable might not necessarily work for you.

But there are solutions to a stress-free search for the right medical clinic.

In this article, you will learn the one important aspect that makes an excellent clinic and the services it should offer to make it a one-stop shop.

Do you know what makes a clinic an excellent one?

It listens and cares.

Because the opposite simply doesn’t work.

But even when a clinic claims to be ethical and puts patients’ needs first, they may not adhere to their principles at all times.

In 2017, ABC conducted an investigation on women with implanon devices who reported severe side-effects. But when they asked doctors to remove the birth control implant, some doctors refused because they believed that patients will adapt to the hormones and most side-effects will go away, affected women told ABC. Click here SmartClinics

This is not the kind of doctor that you want.

What you need is someone who will listen to your complaints, run some tests, and recommend an alternative or a solution if and when there are side-effects and other problems.

Because here’s a fact:

The doctors’ code of conduct specifies that they must protect and promote the health of individuals and the community. A good medical practice must be patient-centred, according to the Medical Board of Australia.

Refusing to remove the implanon devices despite claims of side-effects is the complete opposite of that.

So the next time you search for a medical clinic, make sure they will prioritise your safety and wellness.

But it doesn’t stop there:

They should offer comprehensive health care so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Services a Clinic Must Offer

Family medicine

This refers to comprehensive health care offered to people of all ages and across all diseases, genders, and parts of the body. The practice is a division of primary care with an emphasis on preventing disease and promoting health.

Simply put, a doctor of family medicine Ipswich clinic has specialises in caring for the entire family for a wide range of medical issues.

Women’s health

An implanon Strathpine clinic offers, breast examinations, or pap tests are just some of the women’s health advice and checks that a clinic provides. You can get these from a clinic specifically catering to women. But one that offers family medicine and other services will work to your advantage.


Because you only need to visit one facility for all your family’s medical needs.

Men’s health

Are you looking for a mens health Strathpine clinic? You’re likely to find several options in the area but choose one that covers a range of services, including vasectomies, skin checks, mental health, diabetes risk assessment, erectile/sexual dysfunction, and prostate checks.

Employee’s health

A one-stop clinic should cover pre-employment checks that may be required for a particular job or to simply evaluate your capacity to safely perform your job without the risk of injuries.

A pre-employment medicals Ipswich clinic that also provides Aviation Medicals, Drivers License Medicals, and more is a great choice.

Choose SmartClinics

With a network of smart clinics in various areas in Queensland and other states, SmartClinics can connect you to a family medicine Ipswich clinic, a podiatrist in Strathpine, or a dietician in Smithfield. So you not only get a one-stop clinic but a one-stop access for clinics in different locations.

Most importantly, the clinic you choose will listen and care for you.

Will GP Home Visit Cuts Affect The After Hours Health Industry?

Imagine experiencing sudden stomach pains, accompanied by vomiting and irregular bowel movement. It’s 1 am and your GP is closed for the day. Rather than self-medicating or rushing to the nearest emergency room, most citizens opt for dialing their Brisbane after hours doctor. To many people, it’s more convenient and efficient, and it has definitely saved lives hundreds of times.

However, the Australian government has submitted a proposal that cuts Medicare rebates for after hours doctors. This means that after hours clinics may have to cut corners and remove services to stay in business. If you benefited from the convenience brought about by after hours clinics, here’s how this new proposal will affect you.

brisbane after hours doctor

The After Hours Hotline

Before discussing what the new proposal is all about, let us first take look at how after hours general practice works. If a person is starting to feel symptoms and is feeling sick, instead of going to the hospital, they can call the after hours hotline. An accredited nurse will answer, and will get necessary information about the patient and their symptoms. An after hours doctor will call soon after to give the diagnosis and advise the patient on what to do next.

After hours clinics offer a variety of services, depending on what the patient needs. They have after hours pharmacies, and they can call a hospital in advance to let them know you’re coming in case the need arises. The GP can also conduct a home visit in certain cases, and if it’s an emergency, they can even call an ambulance for you. Click SmartClinics for more details.

These clinics have done their job well in saving lives. However, since this novel idea has benefited people, more citizens are turning to their friendly Brisbane after hours doctor instead of going to the emergency room. As such, the annual cost for the entire industry has grown $245.9 million. Of course, experts in the industry explain that this huge spike in cost is due to the rapid expansion of the now popular service. However, the spike has worried government officials, which is why the proposal was drafted.

Medical Rebate Limits

Some services of after hours doctors, such as home visits, are funded by Medicare. The proposal to cut down funding for Medicare-funded services will not mean the end of after hours medical centers, but will mean the removal of home visits, which is a significant part of an after hours clinic’s service. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has approved the cut, saying that nowadays, most patients prefer home visits by a Brisbane after hours doctor to the continuous care of a regular GP, which is dangerous to their health.

Industry leaders are calling for the rejection of this new proposal. According to them, the after hours industry saves lives and offers convenience for homebound patients and the elderly. According to experts, most emergency rooms are filled with people with minor illnesses and as such, people with real emergencies often have to wait instead of being attended to immediately. With after hours services, minor illnesses are dealt with over the phone, so that emergency rooms can be used for emergencies only.


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that after hours clinics benefit those who are in dire need of immediate medical attention, and this new proposal might disable something that only aims to do good for the people. With the removal of after hours home visits, the people who will suffer the most are the disabled, the elderly, and the homebound caretakers. Hopefully, the government will see the industry’s huge spending as an indication of how in-demand it is, and back it up with more support rather than curtailing it.

Signs that Your Elderly Loved One Needs Aged Care Services

Most family members consider their loved ones elderly when they retire, probably at the age of 60. However, while retirement from active work may herald the beginning of the aging era of a person, there are particular signs that you could observe to know that your loved elderly one needs care in a residential facility or the person needs nursing care at home.

nursing care at home

Some people may take the signs as normal aging indicators, but members should learn to take serious any issue that relates to old age. For example, terminal illnesses such as diabetes, heart problems, dementia, may require special attention and care. Here are signs that your elderly loved one needs end of life care or nursing care at home.

The skin status

An elderly person may be frail, with a skin that shows a lack of water. Besides, a cracked and dry skin may be a sign of another age-related illness. Therefore, it is important to involve a registered aged care specialist to take the person to a pallative care aged care facility. Dehydration may lead to other illnesses. In addition, you should check for abnormal bruises and tear of the skin such as wounds. Such conditions on the skin show that a senior needs pallative care nursing or nursing care at home.


Loss of vision can be a great sign that your elderly loved one needs special care. For example, if the senior is not able to drive safely, which may affect their ability to attend doctor’s appointment or go shopping; in that situation, it is advisable to involve an aged care assistant to offer the necessary support. Additionally, loss of vision can hinder the elderly from taking his dosage of medicine the right way or read the prescription and instructions from the doctor.

Hearing capability

Loss of hearing can affect the ability of the elderly to communicate. When the problem persists, it would be necessary to give the elderly hearing aids. These gadgets may come handy to help the senior get instructions from the pharmacist or from a clinical officer. Importantly, hearing Aids can help an elderly person hear fire or emergency alarms when necessary. Also, check if the elderly is able to recognize your voice. Many hearing-impaired adults read lips when speaking to someone. However, this also comes with many challenges. Therefore, it is advisable to involve an aged care specialist to take care of the situation. Click here Arcare for more details.

Availability of food

The amount of fresh and healthy food in the senior’s house is a clear indication of a balanced diet. This also indicates that the senior is able to attend to light duties each as mowing the lawn or trimming flower. Ensure the food in the container do not smell bad or have growing mold. In addition, is the senior able to navigate the kitchen and handle hazardous cooking devices like gas cookers?

Finally yet importantly, if you need a reliable specialist to offer proper nursing care at home to your senior, visit